Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Image © 2011 Liv Gluten-Free

One of my dearest, most special childhood friends is getting married.

I’m at that age. Everyone I know is starting to get married and have babies. Generally this gives me just the tiniest bit of anxiety, but Jamie couldn’t be more perfect for my friend Mary Ann and seeing those two together makes me so happy I just want squeeze them.

(Mother of the Bride, Janice) Image © 2011 Liv Gluten-Free

So this weekend was the bridal shower and I offered to make the dessert. Since I was the cook, it had to be gluten-free (obviously) and it had to taste like it wasn’t since the bride is allergy free.

I tested ten different cupcake recipes this week. Yes, I threw away 9 batches of not-so-perfect vanilla cupcakes before arriving at one I felt good about. Many of the recipes out there were too muffin-y, too gummy, or something simply tasted amuck with some of those flours.

So I took Friday off, grabbed a friend (much more fun that way!), and to set to work. We baked, we whipped buttercream, and we squeezed oodles of lemons for our lemon curd filling.

Image © 2011 Liv Gluten-Free

At the end of the day we were really happy with the results. We monogrammed fondant hearts with Jamie and Mary Ann’s initials, and displayed them all on a tiered cupcake stand.

The recipe is here for you. I hope you’ll make them for someone special too.


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3 Responses to “Bridal Shower Cupcakes”

  1. MaryAnn said:

    This post actually got me a little teary! Thanks so much, kid! I have since eaten all of the leftover cupcakes so I can say with confidence that they were delicious!! Stop making such good things so I can fit in my dress! And also, I LOVE monograms so that made them even better!!

  2. Sandy said:

    I too can attest that the cupcakes were beautiful as well as delicious! To think it all started back in grammar school at the Candlelight Cafe! Well done Liv!!

  3. Trish said:

    They were indeed delicious, Liv. I saved one for our friend, Alex who is also GF and he was asking for more. It froze well and tasted just as good. Beautiful touch with the monogram, too.
    PS- Love the pic of my mom downing one!!

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