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Image © 2009 Liv Gluten-Free

Image © 2009 Liv Gluten-Free

I draw so much of my inspiration from dining out- whether it is the latest hotspot in New York City, or a shabby taqueria I’ve stumbled upon while road-tripping, vibrant flavor combinations can be found everywhere. I fully understand the uncertainty that can go along with eating out and ordering gluten-free, and this can get even more frustrating when it comes to exotic fare that is full of ingredients you might not be as familiar with. Experimenting with your favorites at home is a great solution.

There’s a fantastic little Thai restaurant near my father’s house. His friend Yada is the very talented chef there and this Thai Duck Salad was inspired by one of my favorite dishes on her menu. I love the spicy, salty, sweet, and sour flavors in this salad that balance each other perfectly. It is so easy to prepare and makes an impressive lunch when served for guests.

Try this tasty Thai Duck Salad.


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2 Responses to “Get Inspired by Dining Out”

  1. Jamie said:

    This sounds amazing!! Love it!

  2. allison johnson said:

    yummyy. I have had much duck salad and never NOT enjoyed it. This sounds deeelish. what a great site!

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