Gluten-Free Yorkshire Pudding

Image © 2010 Liv Gluten-Free

Image © 2010 Liv Gluten-Free

Gluten-free baking can be frustrating. Trying to adapt favorite recipes from my gluten-filled glory days isn’t always as straight forward as it ought to be. I won’t lie. Sometimes it can be really daunting. Just when you think you’ve finally gotten it right, there you are, throwing away another absolute disaster! Occasionally though, something serendipitous happens- a hunch proves correct and you get it right on your first try.

I can’t take all the credit, since my mom did the cooking this time, but that’s exactly what happened when I was down south visiting my mother over the holidays. We spoke a few days before I flew down and she was going over the menu for Christmas dinner: prime rib and Yorkshire Pudding (a bread that is similar to a popover). It has always been a tradition to have that meal on Christmas or New Years Day and every year out would come my mother’s Betty Crocker Cookbook with the crumbling spine, worn from wear, and I’d watch as she poured the batter over the drippings from the meat, and slide the Yorkshire Pudding into the oven. Like magic, the bread would begin to rise and bubble and brown. I’d hurry everyone to the dinner table so we could eat before the “pudding bread” deflated. But this year (my first Celiac holiday season) my mother announced that she would have roasted potatoes for me instead. I knew that it would be awful to sit around and watch everyone else dig in to one of my favorite treats, so I begged her to try a gluten-free one for me! There was no time for experimentation, so I told her to simply replace the wheat flour in the recipe with gluten-free all-purpose flour and see what happens. It was worth a shot, so she gave it a try.

I’m pleased to report that this Christmas I watched my very own gluten-free Yorkshire Pudding bubble up and brown beautifully right alongside the original recipe, and that it tasted amazing. In fact, when my family had gobbled up the original and moved onto the GF version, no one could even tell the difference.

The perfect accompaniment for your next roast beef: Yorkshire Pudding.


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2 Responses to “Gluten-Free Yorkshire Pudding”

  1. Rachel said:

    Actually, Liv, I think the gluten free one tasted better!

  2. Billy said:

    Excellent. Recipe was spot on and still open to lots of variations. Thank you :)

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