Mid-Holiday Detox

Image © Liv Gluten-Free 2012

Image © Liv Gluten-Free 2012

It might seem crazy to do a detox mid-holiday season when there’s eggnog and cookies everywhere you turn, but this girl needs a break! With all the holiday hubbub and projects in the works, my typical regimen of (mostly) sensible diet and (almost) regular exercise has been replaced with tasting batch after batch of cookies I’m testing and hours sitting and typing at my laptop. My sugar cravings have spiked and my energy levels are way down. I think a lot of people experience this kind of overall exhaustion this time of year. In times like these, I find that a little detox, even just 3 days, can reset my hunger cues and get me back on track to better eating and give me renewed energy and focus.

It’s always best to check with your doctor before starting any diet, but here’s what works for me:

During the day I drink freshly made juices in my juicer. My favorite is kale, spinach, cucumber, and lemon, but check out The Daily Meal’s List of Best Fruits and Vegetables for Juice Diets for more ideas. I drink as many glasses of juice during the day as I like. When I’m on the go I love bottled juices from BluePrint or a juice bar like Green and Tonic near my work.

For dinner I have something vegan, usually a salad, or a baked sweet potato and steamed veggies if I feel like I need something warm.

If I get really starving at any point during the day, I’ll drink about 6 ounces of homemade cashew milk which fills me right up. That’s it! Oh, and I DO NOT skip my morning coffee. For me, this is about feeling better, and 2 days of caffeine withdrawal headaches just won’t do. After 3-5 days of juicing I feel great and feel back on track.

I’m not waiting for New Year’s Resolutions to do something good for myself and neither should you! Check out the recipe for my delicious Matcha Green Tea Cashew Milk.


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