Secrets of a Skinny Chef

I’m so thrilled to talk about the release of the much anticipated first cookbook Secrets of a Skinny Chef by my dear friend Jennifer Iserloh.

Jen and I met a couple summers ago in East Hampton working on a cookbook for a mutual client of ours and became fast friends. Her recipes are always simple and delicious, and I don’t know a soul with more in-depth knowledge on health and nutrition. She’s a certified yoga teacher and all-around wellness guru.

In Secrets of a Skinny Chef you’ll find recipes that deliver great taste without adding inches to the hips. You’ll learn how to indulge your comfort-food cravings without the guilt. This collection of 100 recipes gives America’s favorites the “Skinny” treatment with scrumptious offerings such as 7-Minute Salmon and Scalloped Sweet Potatoes! There’s even a huge selection of gluten-free offerings like Shrimp and Corn Chowder, Broccoli Bacon Salad, and Tantalizing Tacos with Turkey Meat and Star Anise.

And because life’s demands mean one can’t always cook dinner, Jen helps readers fend for themselves in the real world, providing simple swap-outs and cheat sheets to keep you on track.

She continues to share her recipes and healthy living tips in print publications such as SELF magazine, Prevention, and First for Women, on radio, and on television on programs like the Today Show, CBS, and NBC.

Check out her blog Skinny Chef for more!


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  1. Chris said:

    Just bought this cook book. WHO would have thought you could pick it up in a supermarket in South Carolina!!
    GREAT book, love it.

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